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Riding Steel

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Riding Steel
Jack Silince

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South African, Seth Fairwin, on a visit to his brother Kane in Brighton, England; meets the darkly exotic handsome biker, Thom Lancaster.  To Seth's frustration, Thom turns out to be a tangled mass of contradictions.
Plagued by an unwanted boyfriend, Thom finds his whole world is thrown into turmoil by just a few hours spent in the company of the blonde, captivating Seth.
Seth tries to penetrate the reserved shell that Thom has built around himself to no avail.
Things come to an explosive and heated climax during the Mayday bike run to Hastings and Seth flees England to the safety of his beloved Cape Town, vowing to forget the dark, handsome biker.
But neither man can forget the other despite the thousands of miles separating them.

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  • Editie:EPUB  Meer informatie
    Meer informatie
  • ISBN: 9781500241100
  • Auteur: Jack Silince
  • Uitgave: Jack Silince
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2014
  • Taal: Engels
  • Artikelnummer: 56637103
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€ 2,65
Ebook direct te downloaden
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