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Chemotherapy Relief (Cancer Series, #2) - Cancer Series

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Inkijk exemplaar Chemotherapy Relief (Cancer Series, #2) - Cancer Series
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Chemotherapy Relief (Cancer Series, #2) - Cancer Series
Joyce Zborower, M.A.

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Worried about chemotherapy side effects?

Have you heard that chemo makes your hair fall out?

Are you concerned about what chemo will do to your skin or hair?

What about peripheral neuropathy? Do you have it now? Are you worried it will get worse? If you don't currently have it, are you concerned about chemotherapy giving you peripheral neuropathy in your feet and ankles?

This booklet provides the research results of professionals for ways to improve your overall health – thus helping you cope with the overall procedure – as well as various specific things you can do to help your body deal with some of the less serious, but still annoying and deleterious, side effects of chemotherapy.

All of these research results are freely available on the internet. The trouble is: finding them. I've simply simplified this for you here. I've done the work of gathering the applicable information and bringing it together for your convenience.

Some of the chemo side effects discussed include:

     Hair loss in relation to the prescribed drugs and how to mitigate its effects

     What to do about dry skin

     How to reduce nail damage during chemo

     A relatively new, non-invasive procedure for peripheral neuropathy (typical treatments for peripheral neuropathy include addictive pharmaceuticals)

Knowledge is power --- power over your worry. Once you know what to expect, it's easier to "let go" and just deal with it instead of worrying about it. Chemotherapy Relief gives you that knowledge.

Chemotherapy Relief is written in a straight-forward, easy to understand language so anyone with an interest in the subject matter can quickly grasp the concepts. However, self-diagnosis and treatment are highly discouraged. Always discuss any concerns about your chemotherapy treatments or side effects with your doctor.

Click the "Buy" button and get your questions answered.

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€ 8,60
Ebook direct te downloaden
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