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Ourselves and Others - New History of Scotland
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Scotland 1832-1914
This revised and updated volume in the New History of Scotland series is a blended history of the Scots in a period of major transformation during the industrial era from 1832 to 1914. Examining Scottish society through the lens of development as part of that new identity, Graeme Morton examines the changing nature of society within Scotland and the relentless eddy of historical developments from home and away. Where previous histories of this period have focused on industry, this book will take a closer look at the people that helped to innovate and forge Scottish national identity through technology and opportunity. Identity was a key element in explaining Industrial Scotland and cultural and technological innovations were melded in this foundry of a confident and self-determined nation.Key FeaturesCompletely updated and revised with new researchCharts the birth of the modern Scottish identity in the Victorian and Edwardian eras A social history that discusses sport, leisure, consumption, and material culture of childhood
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