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Autumn in Crete (Escape to the Islands, #3) - Escape to the Islands

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Autumn in Crete (Escape to the Islands, #3) - Escape to the Islands
Holly Greene

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From the bestselling author of the ESCAPE TO ITALY series comes another romantic tale in her new collection of escapist reads set in the stunning Greek Islands.  
Sit back, relax and Escape to Crete ... 

Ellie thinks she's landed her dream job when she takes up a marketing position for a world-famous celebrity chef. 
Greek-born Zack Rose has millions of social media followers and a successful chain of restaurants in major cities all over. His speciality is Mediterranean classics with a modern twist, and his food has spawned a TV series as well as multiple bestselling cookbooks. 

One major stumbling block in the chef's success has been his failure to make his mark amongst his kinsmen in Greece, and he's employed talented Ellie to change all that. 
Her first task - a jaunt to the beautiful island of Crete to figure out the secret behind Thasos, a beloved and hugely successful family-run restaurant that has been in operation for over thirty years.  
Its enviable location, right on the edge of the crystal clear Aegean waters, cheery atmosphere and delicious food has made Thasos a tourist destination in its own right. 

Ellie is excited about spending two weeks in such an idyllic location and she arranges to travel to Crete in early Autumn to check out the restaurant in quieter surrounds. 

She is very quickly captivated by not only the island, but the welcoming family who run the restaurant, in particular handsome manager, Chris. But when she discovers that her new boss actually intends to send Thasos out of business, she is shocked. 

Can Ellie truly be the architect of the restaurant's downfall? And what will happen when lovely Chris finds out the real reason she is visiting Crete? 

Spring in Skiathos 
Summer in Santorini 
Autumn in Crete 
Winter in Rhodes

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€ 1,99
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