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  7. Ann M. Fabirkiewicz

Intermediate Organic Chemistry

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Intermediate Organic Chemistry
Ann M. Fabirkiewicz

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This book presents key aspects of organic synthesis -stereochemistry, functional group transformations, bond formation,synthesis planning, mechanisms, and spectroscopy - and aguide to literature searching in a reader-friendly manner. * Helps students understand the skills andbasics they need to move from introductory to graduate organicchemistry classes * Balances synthetic and physical organicchemistry in a way accessible to students * Features extensive end-of-chapterproblems * Updates include new examples anddiscussion of online resources now common for literaturesearches * Adds sections on protecting groups andgreen chemistry along with a rewritten chapter surveying organicspectroscopy
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  • Editie:PDF met Adobe DRM  Meer informatie
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  • ISBN: 9781118662274
  • Auteur: Ann M. Fabirkiewicz
  • Uitgave: John Wiley & Sons
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2015
  • Taal: Engels
  • Bladzijden: 384
  • Artikelnummer: 59295719
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€ 86,99
Ebook direct te downloaden
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