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e-Learning by Design

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e-Learning by Design
William Horton

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Since the first edition of E-learning by Design, e-learninghas evolved rapidly and fringe techniques have moved into themainstream. Underlying and underwriting these changes ine-learning are advances in technology and changes in society.The second edition of the bestselling book E-Learning byDesign offers a comprehensive look at the concepts andprocesses of developing, creating, and implementing a successfule-learning program. This practical, down-to-earth resource isfilled with clear information and instruction without oversimplification. The book helps instructors build customizede-learning programs from scratch--building on core principlesof instructional design to: develop meaningful activities andlessons; create and administer online tests and assessments; designlearning games and simulations; and implement an individualizedprogram."Every newcomer to the field will find this editionindispensable, while professionals will find much neededcontemporary information to manage the rapid changes happening inour field. Even if you own the first edition, buy this update assoon as possible."--Michael W. Allen, CEO of Allen Interactions, Inc.;author, Michael Allen's e-Learning Library Series"Covers the full range of options for presenting learningmaterials online--including designing useful topics, engagingactivities, and reliable tests--and it takes into account therealities and issues of today's instructional designers, such associal learning and mobile learning."--Saul Carliner, associate professor, ConcordiaUniversity; author, The E-Learning Handbook"Horton nails it! Perfectly timed, robust, and practical, thissecond edition of brings together the latest strategies forlearning without losing its critical premise--technologyenables e-learning, but great design makes it work."--Marc J. Rosenberg, e-learning strategist; author,Beyond E-Learning"An e-learning encyclopedia loaded with detailed guidelines andexamples ranging from basic instructional design techniques to thelatest applications in games, social media, and mobile-learning. Anessential reference for anyone involved in e-learning design,development, or evaluation"--Ruth Colvin Clark, author, e-Learning and theScience of Instruction
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  • Editie:PDF met Adobe DRM  Meer informatie
    Meer informatie
  • ISBN: 9781118118368
  • Auteur: William Horton
  • Uitgave: John Wiley & Sons
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2011
  • Taal: Engels
  • Bladzijden: 640
  • Artikelnummer: 59295731
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€ 65,99
Ebook direct te downloaden
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