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Poems of Inspiration and Prophecy

€ 3,95
Poems of Inspiration and Prophecy
Poems of Inspiration and Prophecy
Carla Edwards

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Volume 1
The thread throughout this inspiring poetry collection is that, no matter what the problem or situation is, nothing is too big or too small for God to handle.
Poems of Inspiration and Prophecy is a moving collection of poems composed of uplifting spiritual messages from the Lord. Carla Edwards pieced together this unique work under the direction of God; He provided her with the ideas for the titles and topics of the poems, and then the words came freely to her. The messages are clear and concise, having the power to inspire anyone who reads them or hears them read aloud.
From "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places" to "Everybody in Such a Rush-Do You Know Where You Are Going To?," Edwards considers everyday life and how we find comfort in God's love and understanding. Poems of Inspiration and Prophecy provides a blessed reassurance that we don't have to go through this life alone.
"Poems of Inspiration and Prophecy ... serves as a prophetic clarion call...
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  • Editie:EPUB met Adobe DRM  Meer informatie
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  • ISBN: 9781512768800
  • Auteur: Carla Edwards
  • Uitgave: WestBow Press
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2017
  • Taal: Engels
  • Artikelnummer: 61552458
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€ 3,95

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