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Teach Yourself Computer Fundamentals - Teach Yourself

€ 3,49
Inkijk exemplaar Teach Yourself Computer Fundamentals - Teach Yourself
Teach Yourself Computer Fundamentals - Teach Yourself
U. C-Abel

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This book, Teach Yourself Computer Fundamentals is a book written to eradicate computer illiteracy in our present generation.
It advances a starter by teaching him computer fundamentals and other procedures that will help him in solving computing problems. It is written in simple dictions of everyday language that will enable its readers to approach common problems in computer activities.
Ordinary Level (O' Level), Ordinary National Diploma (OND), Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Education (BE), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) certificates and other ones you can think of, are all incomplete without the knowledge of computer. 
In our present employment world, a PhD holder can be denied a job for not acquiring the knowledge of computer. Every organization wants computer literates. Show me an organization with few or no computers and I will show you an organization with little or no vision.
So my desire to see more computer literates in this generation is what gave rise to the birth of this book. Your computer has to stop being a load and start being of help in a great way.
This book has a three-section-divided workbook (ISBN-13: 978-9785457452) where readers answer questions according to what they learnt from it. 
Section A - Objectives.
Section B - Theory.
Section C - Practical. 

Study it to improve your level of literacy in computer.
Remember that it is better to prepare for an opportunity not met than meeting an opportunity not prepared for. Now is the time to prepare.

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€ 3,49

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