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€ 2,55
Inkijk exemplaar Supernova
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Donna Dull

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The last thing Chloe wanted was to be ripped out of her familiar life, yet she finds herself the new girl at a swanky boarding school near Napa Valley. On her first day she is confronted by a boy who harbors a strange hostility towards her. She meets some of her classmates and they bond instantly, but with hope comes fear. A soul-devouring fae threatens the entire student body, picking them off one by one. After an attack leaves her brother at death's door, Cleo and her friends decide to use their fae abilities to become superheroes.

From the moment they don their masks, things start to go awry. Their first rescue ends when they have to rescue one of their own. Soon a government plot that began when they were only infants endangers them all. A twisted former soldier has them in his sights and he has no intention of letting them get away.  With the discovery the fae can control other fae, not just humans, the line between friends and enemies begins to blur, and Cleo has no idea who she can trust. Will their superhero disguises help them save the day, or end up costing them everything?

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  • Editie:EPUB  Meer informatie
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  • ISBN: 9781540177292
  • Auteur: Donna Dull
  • Uitgave: Donna Dull
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2013
  • Taal: Engels
  • Artikelnummer: 63050914
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€ 2,55
Ebook direct te downloaden
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