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Lies About Me - A Secret For The Life of Grace - Grace

€ 2,53
Inkijk exemplaar Lies About Me - A Secret For The Life of Grace - Grace
Lies About Me - A Secret For The Life of Grace - Grace
Olivia Morgan-Gaines

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Lies About Me' is the second book featuring Grace and her ongoing efforts to gain meaning and love in her life. From the moment she came to life in her first story 'Finding Grace,' she wrote her own character from somewhere deep inside me. Grace reveals more than I can say to be true of myself. Now, she just won't stop telling her story.
Are we the same person? Possibly. She leads, and I follow along with her onto the page. One thing is certain, she wants love. Don't we all?

In this story and in her own words.
I've never lived an ordinary life, it's just not in me. My sister has other ideas as she comes to terms with her own forced reality and no longer tolerates my inaction revealing our family's secrets. She is a constant reminder of who I could have been. She is my strength and guide to opening the closed doors of our past. "The truth will triumph," she reminds me.
My parents have plenty to hide which seems to be a family habit, and questions lead not to answers but further questions. As I back slide under the avalanche of mounting difficulties, most of which live just beneath the surface, inside my head, I wonder whether the whole truth can ever see the light of day?
Admittedly, I have too many open loops, instabilities and far more than enough temptation to fill two lives.
I have responsibilities and urges working against my inner core belief of who my own self should be. As a psychologist with top-level army clearance, I should know better. Nevertheless, I rub against the razor edge of constraint and the freedom to be me.
The one man who stole my heart is back to lay claim to what belongs to him, and there is not a God damn thing I want to do to stop him. The only problem being, he just doesn't know what he has let himself in for yet.
I am the essential poster girl for contradiction. No more lies about me, it's time for a change.

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€ 2,53

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