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Exact Way Of Being Rich

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Exact Way Of Being Rich
Kay Yes

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The natural first thought after reading the highly attractive title will be a question. Specifically, What is the Exact Way Of Being Rich?

"Exact Way of Being Rich" is a radically different approach anyone can easily master to uncover and feel the richness and thereby be rich by choice. It uses a framework to expose the components of richness which can be used to assess pure personal richness. It is a totally new approach towards richness which has not been used before.

The Science of Getting Rich always follows the Exact Way Of Being Rich.

This is a short book. It describes the exact way of being rich.  The first goal is to make the reader feel and experience the inherited richness as the birthright in a way that is perfectly suited for the new age. Beyond that one needs to uncover several important implementable concepts to support maintaining the newly uncovered treasure and chose to remain in that state.

Exploring richness in a fine grained manner leads to assessing the current personal richness which in turn paves the way for adjusting the mind to experience the newly uncovered state in varied forms. From that experience, one may want to make it look even more different.

This book tells about the possibilities experiencing the richness without resorting to any trick or gimmick or ritual or esoteric practice. It will expose the ridiculous and misunderstood constructs of the mind which have been deliberately placed by the mind itself as the unbreakable constructions in order to avoid experiencing divinely blessed individual abundance.

Simple things and simple solutions always create doubt, confusion and a dilemma for the mind, which always seeks complexity. 

Worldly emphasis is always on doing thrilling things which result in complicating the problems rather than solving the problems in a simple way. Everyone has become fond of creating vicious circles because it allows everyone to cry foul. It is like using a nuclear bomb in order to kill a mosquito. Yes. The mosquito gets killed and in the process everyone else too. The day simple solutions are accepted and used, for sure, this world is going to become a different world called heaven on the earth. 

Evidences of the above stated facts about embracing the unnecessary complexity are visible in day-to-day life and behavior of human beings. Everyone unconsciously subscribes to this fallacy as a current day commandment that must be followed as if it is etched in the stone. Let us scratch a little into a simple situation to understand this. When one needs advice to solve a problem, they will go to the most expensive advisor, who is sure to provide a more complex solution than anything that is ever seen before. If anything less is provided, for sure, there will be a loss of customer.

Also, when you can use a small book involving simple steps to solve a problem, you go and buy a thick volume which you will never read.  Among other things with respect to books, content is not the decider for picking it up for reading. Reputation of the author and the attractiveness of title are the deciders.

There is a great deal of information about this in religion, science and new age literature. All that information is pointing to correct facts in a complex way leading you into misinterpretation. It is not able to pinpoint how things are far simpler than they actually appear to be. In other words, they miss the point about really being rich. Instead, the emphasis shifts to becoming rich.

When you finish reading this book you will understand why this book turned out to be so small. It is absolutely amazing and simple. It is focused on you. It is extremely direct in its message on the exact way of being rich.

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  • Editie:EPUB  Meer informatie
    Meer informatie
  • ISBN: 9781386291350
  • Auteur: Kay Yes
  • Uitgave: Kay Yes
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2017
  • Taal: Engels
  • Artikelnummer: 63266771
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€ 8,49

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