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Dear zoe

Philip Beard
€ 17,95
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Dear zoe
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Dear zoe
Philip Beard


Philip Beard’s stunning debut novel is fifteen-year-old Tess DeNunzio’s letter to her sister, Zoe, lost to a hit-and-run driver on a day when it seemed that nothing mattered but the tragedies playing out in New York and Washington. Dear Zoe is a remarkable study of grief, adolescence, and healing with a pitch-perfect narrator who is at once sharp and naïve, world- worried and self-centered, funny and heartbreakingly honest. Tess begins her letter to Zoe as a means of figuring out her own life, her place in the world, but the result is a novel of rare power and grace that tells us much about ours. BACKCOVER: “Like The Lovely Bones, [Dear Zoe] is a piercing look at how family recovers from a devastating loss. Everything about this moving, powerful debut rings true.”
Booklist (starred review) 

“Beard peels away the layers of his protagonist’s anguish simply and sensitively. . . and creates real, multidimensional and affecting characters.”
The Washington Post 

“The whole novel . . . rings with truth.”
The Buffalo News
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  • ISBN: 9780452287402
  • Auteur: Philip Beard
  • Merk: Penguin
  • Uitgave: Penguin US
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2006
  • Taal: Engels
  • Bladzijden: 196
  • Afm.: 13 x 19 x 1 mm
  • Artikelnummer: 63295326
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€ 17,95
Extra voordeel
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  • 1 - 9 € 17,95
  • 10 - 29 € 16,10
  • 30 + € 15,25
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