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Sinful Discipline - Sinful Discipline

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Sinful Discipline - Sinful Discipline
Anna Austin


Victorian BDSM Mega-Bundle
Nine filthy tales of Victorian lust, depravity and desire. Beneath the veneer of civility and etiquette, the raging passions of the Victorian age flow deep. Each story in this mega-bundle tells of a young woman dominated and despoiled, but ultimately embracing the dark side of her soul, and embracing her sinful discipline.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The memories of that terrible day are forever branded onto my mind. My father had summoned me to his study. I had expected him to give me a gift or some other pleasant surprise for my birthday. But as soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew something was amiss. He was ashen faced and evasive, unable to look me in the eyes. Then he told me the horrible truth.

"Sophia, you are to be married," he told me, his usually confident voice reduced to a guilty whisper. "It is all arranged."

Naturally, I was taken aback. "Married? But to whom Papa? I do not have a fianc, nor have any gentlemen pressed their suit. Surely you are joking?" I could see plainly that he was not, but still nurtured a hope that he was simply playing some kind of cruel trick on me.

He shook his head. "I would not joke about such a thing. Like I said, it is all arranged. The contract has been drawn up, the banns displayed. The wedding will take place one week from today."

I gaped at him aghast, entirely lost for words. After a few moments I composed myself and managed to croak. 

"But to whom?"

He looked me in the eyes, and I could tell from the pain and grief in his expression that his answer would not please me.

"Lord Morgan. Lord Sebastian Morgan."

I felt dizzy; my head began to spin and I almost fainted. Surely this couldn't be true? Perhaps I was dreaming, and all of this was a nightmare? Any moment now I would awake and return to a more pleasant reality.

But this was not a dream. I was very much awake, and this was very real.

"But Papa, how?" I cried in anguish. "I hardly know the man. We've never even been introduced. How can I marry a man who hasn't even proposed to me? How can I marry a man who I'm not in love with? A man with such a cruel and wicked reputation?"

Mt father smiled bitterly, tears in his eyes.

"Love? I'm sorry to disappoint you Sophia, but not everyone can marry for love. Some marriages are born of practicality. Some of ambition. Love often does not enter into it at all."
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€ 8,49
Ebook direct te downloaden
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