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Christoph niemann: Souvenir

Christoph Niemann Gratis
€ 64,95
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Christoph niemann: Souvenir
Christoph niemann: Souvenir
Christoph Niemann


This elaborate book features over 160 ink and pencil drawings by Christoph Niemann, each a story of an unfamiliar place. They are observations on traveling, arriving and immersing oneself, on the melancholy of being on the road and the adventure of discovering new destinations-among them New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Seville and Kyoto. Regardless of their subjects, these are all iconic sketches, capable of grasping the magic, light and mood of a place in a handful of virtuoso strokes. In Niemann's own words in Souvenir: "Over time memories change. Most things fade, while others become more significant. Connections arise that one wasn't aware of originally. Sometimes a drawing can capture all this in a new and surprising way. And with some luck, the picture feels as authentic as the moment itself." Co-published with Diogenes, Zurich
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  • ISBN: 9783958295735
  • Auteur: Christoph Niemann
  • Uitgave: Steidl Verlag
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2021
  • Taal: Engels
  • Bladzijden: 256
  • Artikelnummer: 70728730
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€ 64,95
Extra voordeel
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  • 1 - 9 € 64,95
  • 10 - 29 € 56,95
  • 30 + € 53,96
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