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In the Footsteps of Honor Frost - Honor Frost Foundation General Publication

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In the Footsteps of Honor Frost - Honor Frost Foundation General Publication


The life and legacy of a pioneer in maritime archaeology
Maritime archaeologist Honor Frost (1917-2010) was a pioneer in her field. She left a rich legacy through her innovative research conducted in the eastern Mediterranean on the remains of ports and harbours, sea-level change, shipwrecks and ship construction, and ancient anchors.
This volume provides an appreciation of Frost's work and gives a point-in-time assessment of current projects in the region that are in effect a continuity of Frost's work. As such, it provides an insight into the development of the discipline of maritime archaeology in the region from its infancy to the present day. The subjects covered include Frost's long-term research into the port infrastructures of the Levantine coast, particularly at Byblos, Tyre, Sidon, and Arwad, which heralded harbour geo-archaeology by addressing sea-level change and maritime paleo-landscapes. Also, her excavation and analysis of the ships relating to the archaeological remains of the Punic wars that she excavated from 1971 off the coast of Marsala, Sicily. This work is examined both through her underwater investigation at the time, the creation of a museum in Marsala to house the remains, and through a recent discovery in Frost's archives. Frost's survey of the lighthouse at Alexandria, on which all later work has been based, is also included. Her contribution to the establishment of research into stone anchors is examined within the context of current projects.
Two seminal articles are offered. One with respect to Frost's life before she became a maritime archaeologist: as artist and set and costume designer for ballet productions. The other one provides a detailed overview of her maritime archaeological career.

Lucy Blue
Honor Frost under the Mediterranean: from maritime to nautical archaeology
Patrice Pomey
Honor Frost, True to Herself: From Art and Ballet Design to Underwater Archaeology
Sophie Basch
1985-2008: the TROPIS Symposia on Ship Construction in Antiquity
Harry E. Tzalas
Arwad, Tyre, Sidon and Byblos: Honor Frost's impact on harbour studies in the Levant
Nicolas Carayon
Honoring the Lady of Byblos
Nicolas Grimal and Martine Francis-Allouche
Harbour Installations at Tyre North
Ibrahim Noureddine
Preserving the Landscape of Anfeh: from nature to culture
Nadine Panayot Haroun and Lucy Semaan
Three Decades of Adventures with Honor Frost in Crete
Elpida Hadjidaki
Honor Frost and the Pharos: the Lighthouse of Alexandria
Jean-Yves Empereur and Isabelle Hairy
Early priorities and new perspectives in harbour research
David J. Blackman
Building Upon Honor Frost's Prehistoric Stone-anchor Foundations
Gregory, F. Votruba
The Archaeological Mission of Marsala
Pietro Romano Alagna
The History of Marsala's Shipwreck Exhibition
Rossella Giglio
The Second Life of a Phoenix: Honor Frost's Unpublished Chronicles of a Punic Ship in Sicily
Claire Calcagno and Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri
Afterword: The Honor Frost Foundation
Alison Cathie

About the Editor:
Dr Lucy Blue is a leading maritime archaeologist in her field, a lecturer at the University of Southampton, Centre for Maritime Archaeology, and the Maritime Archaeological Director of the Honor Frost Foundation.
Dr Blue has research interests in harbours and maritime cultural landscapes mostly focused around the eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea. Her research relating to contemporary boat construction, their operation and use has resulted in her conducting ethnographic enquiries in India, East Africa, Oman and Yemen.
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