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Angelic Thinking Your Angels’ Help With Positive Thinking - Angel Guidance Series

Andrew Marmion
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Angelic Thinking Your Angels’ Help With Positive Thinking - Angel Guidance Series
Andrew Marmion


Angel Guidance Series, #2

Spiritual and Mental Wellbeing With The Angels

We all need angel guidance on the spiritual journey if we are to be happy and free. But sometimes we also stand in need of angel healing. The surprising role they play in each of our thought filled lives is akin to angel magick. Not only do these celestial beings care, but they take an active part in helping us relinquish negative and unhealthy thought patterns for those which are positive and healthy. 
Our guardian angels help us with this in particular, but so do others e.g. the healing angels. The angels guard and guide our thought lives if we allow them, just as they support and protect us in every other way. This is real angel therapy at work – real mental freedom taking place.

Angel Inspiration and Positive Thinking

The techniques found in this book are based on well researched neuro-scientific principles which I personally use,and with the angels’ help our healing can be deeper and long lasting. They know us only too well, and know which thoughts we need to relinquish and even in which order they need to be surrendered! So ask them for their help and experience the grip of negative thoughts and memories leaving the mind, while simultaneously experiencing the birth and growth of new healthy ones which replace them. 
After the positive thoughts sink into the subconscious – which the techniques within this book help to achieve – there is no longer any need to use endless affirmations. The positive thought becomes automatic and, I think you’ll agree, this is far more agreeable than the constant effort of paying attention to positive thinking all the time.

Depression and Anxiety Self Help

Embrace the techniques in this book and ask your angels to help you. Not only will you experience a profound change in your thinking; you will know deep healing is taking place, too. This book also provides depression self-help and anxiety self-help techniques together with that of stress relief.

I have suffered from chronic depression for years and this approach has proved the most beneficial. Like me, you will be free to:

- explore your potential
- develop your gifts and relationships 
- learn to find and live your life's purpose in a more focused way
- live a happier life, letting go of fear-based beliefs 
- recognise unhealthy thoughts and feelings as they emerge and easily surrender them


"Andrew showed us all how to get in touch with our angels and develop a friendship with them. Some of us felt our angels present and one of us got their angel's name. 

Two of us present were recently bereaved and Andy helped us connect with our deceased loved ones. One was a lad who died tragically. It was healing to experience his presence and how happy he is now. 

Some of us also felt confirmation in what we are meant to be doing with our lives and some guidance in with difficult life issues. Andrew really helped and encouraged us. We certainly felt the healing of the angels that night." -Mary McLoughlin; Peter, Ciara and Chris Mullen

"Andrew has both read my angel cards and drew my life purpose angel. I was both intrigued and excited as to what to expect. Andy's wacky sense of humour and kindness helped me be at ease. I was surprised and spellbound by such a lovely picture he produced. I felt an immediate connection. The card reading was also very accurate and some of what we discussed at our meeting is coming about." Ronah Corcoran

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€ 3,60
Ebook direct te downloaden
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