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Heart-Commands of Awakened Love

Danny Skyfeather
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Heart-Commands of Awakened Love
Danny Skyfeather



I am so grateful to welcome you to this heart-based energetic mastermind!

Here, we join together in the energy of love to download these sacred commands and affirmations into our chests, minds, and bodies. You are invited to breathe deeply, tap your sacred chest in a rhythmic manner as you speak, whisper, silently repeat, and energetically anchor them within you. Speak them with such soul-force that every cell and atom of your body shakes and vibrates.

With time, your cells will be packed with light, your heart will open even more, and you will begin to know yourself as love.

This is a 90-day program of doing 4 basic daily practices. One – anchor the commands of awakened love into your mind and body. Two – using your breath and imagination to channel the energy of love through your mind and body. Three – meditate on love throughout the day. Four – handwrite command #1 and anything you are grateful for.

With time, these four practices will help transform every area of your life: Emotions. Relationships. Health. Joy. Creativity. Abundance.

♥This book for spiritual warriors of loving peace who are here to do the inner work to create a more loving world for ourselves, families, friends, communities, and the world.

♥This book is for planetary healers, lovers, and visionaries. It is for those of us who are here to magnify and manifest the power of love on this planet more fully and completely.

♥This book is for energy healers, light-workers, and reiki professionals who want to deepen their consciousness of love so we can be of more service to others.

♥This book is for anyone who meditates deeply on love, and who endeavors to dissolve our consciousness into the ocean of love.

Most amazingly, this is a heart-centered energetic mastermind. As you repeat each command, you are silently connecting with everyone repeating it as well.

This book is a particle and a wave. It is a collection of words, (a particle), and a powerful movement of the energy of love (a wave) to impact the lives of countless people.

All copies of this book are intentionally and energetically entangled in the energy of love on a very deep level. Each book will have space to write a list of people, relationships, and places that you wish to receive the love flowing through the energetic wave of this book.

In this spirit, you are invited to hold this book between your hands and channel your highest love into and through its pages. The love that flows into one book, flows into all books. We are activating the universal power of love in a MAJOR way.

Take a breath and ponder this with your heart for a moment. As you sit in a comfortable position with a warm smile on your face, this book between your radiant hands of light, and as you channel your highest love through these pages, you are literally touching the lives of thousands of people.

All for their highest good.

Truly remarkable.

Kinda hard to comprehend with the thinking brain – but the heart knows.

Perhaps you found this listing for a reason?

Get the book and find out.

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  • Editie:EPUB  Meer informatie
    Meer informatie
  • ISBN: 9781386929284
  • Auteur: Danny Skyfeather
  • Uitgave: Danny Skyfeather
  • Jaar van uitgave: 2018
  • Taal: Engels
  • Artikelnummer: 72294100
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€ 13,49
Ebook direct te downloaden
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